Building the latest in Online Casino Packages

Cygnus Innovation’s X Casino package is a complete casino game package that allows you to set up your on own online casino. Packed with Games and Secure Payment modules, the software package enables the client to set up a fully functional online casino and enjoy the revenue and income stream associated with it. Built in a secure platform with customizable security and administration panels, X Casino allows full game play (paid and unpaid) with cutting edge graphics and performance. This state of the art gaming application provides a variety of games such as BlackJack, Roulette, Texas Hold-em, Oasis Poker, Keno etc. X Casino software package help you simulate the exciting and fun atmosphere of a real live casino in a technology platform. It allows any company the leverage to set up their own online, full featured casino. The system features a user friendly interface, a convenient analytics subsystem, a transaction history subsystem and real casino level game play.



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Cygnus Innovation Ltd. specializes in development of complex software systems designed for brokerage, exchange and other financial activities. Our expertise in financial systems and gaming technology makes us ideally suited for robust online casinos. By offering the most advanced IT solutions, we support full business cycle: preliminary consulting, system development and deployment, quality assurance and 24x7 support.

Our aim is to deliver a versatile platform so you set up a fully functional online casino. This product gives you the flexibility and tools to create a full fledged online based casino and generate revenue using it. We believe that you will be delighted using some of our latest innovations in both concept and design and will be happy to see how XCASINO can generate money for your firm. Build your business. Let us do the technology for you.