Online Shopping Solutions

Building the latest in Online Shopping Solutions Technologies

Cygnus Innovation’s X-Shop solution provides you with a complete online shopping presence. X-Shop allows you to move your retail presence on the web and promote and sell your products to an entirely new venue. It allows your customer to shop at the comfort of their home by providing a virtual environment for your business. The software allows you to upload your product description, pricing and photo in a categorized format and effectively sell your merchandise online. This state of the art online shopping application provides a wide range of services including Store Admin Portal, Payment Gateways, Product Categorization and more. X-Shop software package is not only able to receive your retail purchases, but assists in an educated and comprehensive marketing and sales cycle. A 24-7 open store and marketing presence, new strategies of generating extra revenue and a cutting edge digital footprint are what X-Shop will give you. The system features a user friendly interface, a convenient transaction history subsystem and an easy-to-understand terminology.



X-Shop Features
Online Store and Showroom
Client Login and Traffic Tracking
Automated Email/Notifications
Corporate Action Management
Security and Authentication
Shopping Cart
Search Tools and 24/7 Open
Dynamic Inventory Control
Multiple Payment Gateways
Online Chat Help Line

Cygnus Innovation Ltd. specializes in development of complex software systems designed for brokerage, exchange and other financial activities. By offering the most advanced IT solutions, we support full business cycle: preliminary consulting, system development and deployment, quality assurance and 24x7 support. The Company’s diversity of technical expertise, its agile responsiveness to custom corporate requirements, and its proven commitment to superior delivery technologies have established us as a frontrunner in the financial market data and ecommerce industry. We believe that you will be delighted to see some of our latest innovations in both concept and design and will be happy to see how X-Shop can make e-commerce a safe, problem free, efficient experience. It a must for anyone looking to be in the digital cutting edge of industry and service or any company who wants to offer this cutting service to their clients.