GPS Tracking Solutions

Bringing the latest in GPS technologies to Bangladesh’s Doorstep

Cygnus Innovation is proud to introduce XTracker, a GPS tracking system which allows the user to locate, control and continually track terrestrial, nautical or aerial units using satellite or cellular technologies. XTracker is a complete software and hardware system that allows companies to monitor their fleet, assets, people’s location, speed, direction 365 days of the year from anywhere in the world with just a basic internet connection. X Tracker Industries Security - Track your security vehicles and forces and make real-time and accurate decisions and deployments. Get a clear and complete picture of all your asset locations and activities. Vital for security firms and forces, this information technology solution takes your security service to the next advanced level. Container Tracking – Track your shipping containers as they move from destination to destination. Get a clear, concise and real time picture of the movement of your valuable cargo and provide statistical analysis and information to your management and clients.



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Land Fleet Tracking– Manage your professional fleet of taxis, trucks, buses or any other vehicles. XTrackers capabilities protect, tracks, alerts, reports and communicates to you so you effectively deploy your fleet. You may check where fleet inadequacies are, see real time info as to the location and status of your vehicles, and provide statistical information about your deployment to your clients including potential arrival times. Marine Fleet tracking – Track your river or ocean going marine vehicles. Get an instant idea of their location and their ETAs by assessing location, speed and status. Analyze and share departure and arrival information with clients and management. Provide safety and rescue facilities. Car Security and Tracking - Track your vehicle or vehicles. Xtracker will instantly alert you should your vehicle be violated. Remote lock and unlock is possible as well as monitoring your Vehicle from any PC. The associated software will indicate the exact location of your car, what speed it is traveling and more. Further security features such as autoshut down are available. Personnel tracking - Track and analyze your corporate personnel deployment be it a sales team, an ngo team, an engineering team or even a personal social group. Potential avenues for this cell phone based service are numerous. XTracker visually tracks and manages assets, enabling dispatchers to see every vehicle on a web-based map at any point in time and allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles with assurance and confidence. The system acts as your Private Business Radar, allowing you to track & trace your vehicles while sitting at your desk. Tracking in real-time results in minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and logistics cost. Post analysis reports such as driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, vehicle efficiency are available as well as security features like Geo-fencing, Emergency button, Panic button and active disabling. It a must for companies looking to be in the digital cutting edge of industry and service.